Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For Everything Else, There's Puppies

Kitten, rescued from wild colony by Mom's friend: $0
Food, litter, toys and treats for kitten: $70
Veterinarian visits for kitten: $180
Bi-monthly baths/nail trims for kitten (to protect allergies and couch): $35/visit
New logic board for my laptop, to replace the one destroyed by kitten knocking over a glass of water onto it: $345
Pet ownership: *$^&ing priceless


Karen Murphy said...

In kind of shallow irony, I've heard that kitty litter is great for dehydrating electronics that have gotten wet.

Mary said...

You have to bath the kitten?? Or is the money for a professional?

Daisy said...

The money is for a professional. I figure I would spend more on tourniquets alone if I tried to do it myself.