Monday, December 07, 2009

San Diego Bits & Bobs

1. At some point during this conference I really should make it out of dinner somewhat sober.

2. I saw a girl in the airport with boots like these, and now I want some. Damn my impressionable mind!*

3. People from Australia are impressed if you know about cricket, even if what you know is that England beat their team resoundingly earlier in the year. Also, the concept of a "rebuilding year" transcends national boundaries.

4. I am not going to get the Shoesday post written for tomorrow morning, because someone seems to have reordered the keyboard on my laptop. Sorry.

*Note: I am not going to go out and buy those actual boots. I'm not that crazy.


Karen Murphy said...

Initially I read "boots" in number 2 as "boobs," and I was very surprised. I think I need a cup of something wake-uppy.

L.P said...

I looove you'r blog! Really beautiful. Hugs

Alice said...

How did the poster presentation go?