Friday, December 07, 2012

The "I'm Not A Hipster" T-shirt Line

If there is one thing that every hipster in America can agree on it is that they are definitely, totally not hipsters. It reminds me of a VH1 special I saw, about the greatest disco songs, where every single one of the bands insisted they were making soul music or R&B, not disco; including, I believe, the band that recorded "Disco Inferno." I was thinking about this and it occurred to me that, regardless of the social and psychological implications, what we had here was a product opportunity. Therefore, I present to you: The "I'm not a Hipster" line of products.

For the narrow-trouser aficionado.

Or the person who waits to find their new favorite song on the radio, or over the closing credits of a primetime drama.

The person who takes their facial hair very seriously.

Or who doesn't want to give up a perfectly good free hat.

Of course, it's not just about what you wear. Sometimes what you drink can be just as critical.

Like your barrel-aged artisanal ale:

Or even your single-origin, blonde-roast coffee:

Frankly, I think you should get at least one of each. You can't be too careful with these things.


Panthera said...

They're great! Could I suggest "I'm not a hipster, I just prefer the taste of tea" or something like that on a tea cup..?

Daisy said...

Your wish is my command, if only because you have a cool screen name:

Bonus! There was also an option to make a teapot: