Friday, July 11, 2014

A Second Letter to Judy Wenzel of 307 N 12th Ave Wasau, WI

Dear Judy Wenzel of 307 N 12th Ave Wasau, WI,

What happened last year? This is the second time you have used my email address to book yourself into a hotel during the month of September--this time it's the Best Western on 1001 N. 14th Ave in Sturgeon Bay, WI--and I can't help but notice that you skipped 2013. Was there a family emergency? Was $377.40 more than you were comfortable spending to spend three days in Door Country's premier year-round city? Or did you perhaps decide to experiment with using your own damn email for once?

The Person Whose Email You Use To Book Hotels Near the Great Lakes in September

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Karen Murphy said...

The name of the town is also misspelled. (Should be Wausau.) I'd suggest that she's using somebody else's mailing address, but Google says otherwise.