Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things They Charge You Extra For in New Zealand

Bread and butter
Bread and olive oil
Bread with your soup
Tartar sauce
Butter pats


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't written, but I've been checking the blog every day. Miss Marple misses you terribly, until I feed her. The living room floor is varnished, the upstairs shower door is in, and the phone/TV/internet panel is mounted. I'll see you at SFO at 3:45pm on Thursday. Love, Dad

Jora said...

Greece was like that. They would bring you bread and butter (and the bread was usually inedible) then charge you for it. As soon as I started thinking of it as a cover charge, for some reason I was okay with it.

Daisy said...

At least they didn't bring it unless you ordered it, here. It was just kind of a shock to see "Bread and butter: $4" on the menu.