Monday, November 17, 2008

The Pre-Trip Freak-Out

I'm leaving for Germany in about five hours, so of course I am panicking, just a little bit. You know, worrying about what I haven't done and/or packed, what I still have to do/pack and all ways I could manage not to catch my cab. Plus general free-floating anxiety. Everything is fine, of course, but that never stopped me.
Not helping matters is the fact that when I was driving home last night, in my newly-reacquired car, the engine light came on and stubbornly refused to turn itself back off. (I checked the engine. It's still there.)
Barring disaster (anticipated or otherwise), I plan to blog and twitter extensively for this trip, so watch this space. (And that one.)


Anonymous said...

yea!!! how exciting!!

Karen, numeros dos

Anonymous said...

Hope you are safely on your flight. I'll watch the blog.

Marilyn MacGregor said...

Have a safe and happy trip. I can't wait to hear about