Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shoesday: The Relocation

"Huh," you are saying to yourself right about now. "That doesn't look like the usual high-quality Shoesday picture, complete with feet. Also, it's Thursday. What gives?"

"Cut me a break," I snap. "I've only spent the last week moving into a new apartment, where we don't have internet yet, so I can't blog from my home computer, which is where all the pictures are. Plus, I've been so busy with the move that I never even got around to writing the post about how much I hate moving, which is too bad because it had some good lines."

"Hey no need to get touchy," you respond, miffed. "I was just asking."

"Sorry," I apologize. "We don't have the cable hooked up yet either, and I'm missing the premiers of both Idol and Project Runway. But I think you should give me some credit for getting some kind of post up this week, even if it is kind of late and half-assed. Anyway, these are some shoes I bought recently and had delivered to work, and haven't brought home yet because that location has been in the process of changing. I haven't even put them on yet, but they look cute, and I like the wide heel. Should be nice for summer, I think."

"Sure," you agree. "Yellow is always a fun color. And hey, Idol never gets interesting until after the audition rounds anyway. But jeez, clean your desk once in a while, would you?"


Anonymous said...

Arr! I have Runway and Models on the DVR- would you like me to throw them on DVD for you?

Daisy said...

That would be deeply awesome of you. And you have to come and see the new place! (Still in San Mateo, now even closer to Draegers.)

Mary said...

Details of the yellow shoes please!