Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shoesday: Because I Can't Think of a Day Combination For "Accessories"

Or: Why I shouldn't buy earrings online without a ruler at hand.

I swear, when I bought these, I had in mind that they were about half this size. Which would be cute, right? I love the kind of raw-stone look they've got going on. Unfortunately, I don't love the way they yank my earlobes down towards my chin, and it's tough for me to come up with an outfit that calls for this much earring, so they just sit here on my desk, mocking me as I hold them in reserve for a day I forgot to accessorize and am feeling bold/desperate.

1 comment:

Perri said...

Ouch! That''s got to hurt! I'll keep the ruler handy next time I shop online :)