Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Pop Culture Superbowl

That's right, it's Oscar season again. (I wonder what kind of shot you load for that?) This year I'm doing something different; going to the fine Cerrito Theater, home of good popcorn and a wide selection of beers, to watch the show on the big screen with a bunch of like-minded folks, most notably Mary and Alice. I'll try to do some live-blogging from my iPod, assuming I can get wifi in the theater and my fingers aren't too buttery.


Abigail said...

it won't let me comment on the Oscar blogging post so. Hi, Mary! and Hi daisy and hi Alice!

since we saw Enchanted I wanted it to win for one of the songs, but it didn't :(

Daisy said...

Whoops. I must have screwed up the comment preferences when I was fighting with Blogger on my iPod. I fixed it, not that it's going to do any good now.