Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Double-Stuffed Oreos: The Quest for the Truth

Subtitle: Double or Nothing

With their labeling, Nabisco makes the bold, if implied claim that their "Double Stuffed" Oreos have double the stuff of a normal, or "wild type" Oreo. But do they? The question cried out to be tested. So I did.

Side-by-side comparison:


-- Subject Cookies
-- Razor Blade (clean)
-- Weigh Paper

And, of course:

-- A lab coat with my name on it*


Pre-Weigh the Cookies

(All weights in grams, because we roll like that.)

Disassemble, employing the razor blade.

Weigh the Stuff.

Wild Type:


Based on these data, I would say that the more accurate title for the Double-Stuffed Oreo would be the 2.38x-Stuffed Oreo. I expect a renaming to be imminent.

*Yes, that is my name.


Karen Murphy said...

Thank you for providing this service. Double Chocolate Milano next, please.

Daisy said...

Hmm, that one might be harder. Might have to melt the chocolate to get it off the cookies.

Mary said...

Only one data point? Where's the sd? What is the P value for your conclusion?

Daisy said...

Actually, I think what this calls for is verification by an independent lab. . .