Monday, March 29, 2010

Solanaceae Wishes and Lycopersicum Dreams

We were away last weekend, taking advantage of the nice weather to drive down the coast so I could get my lips sunburned*, and while we were gone I dreamed that I came back and all of my plants had wilted and died, and it made me very upset. Which has me a little worried now: Is there such a thing as a crazy tomato lady?

Also, on a related note, one of the pepper plants had to be banished to the outside, due to it's having developed a large and thriving aphid population. I'm hoping a swarm of ravenous ladybugs will move through the area this afternoon and take care of them for me. After all, I've always tried to be good to them.



Jay said...

Not to be discouraging but I would put the other pepper plant outside as well since where there are aphids on one plant there are probably aphids you can't see on other plants.

Daisy said...

Good point. I went over it this morning and squished all the ones I saw (there weren't many) but when I checked it again this evening I found more. So, out it goes!