Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Day 11- A Whole Lot of Texas

Miles traveled: 349
Hours travelling: 5
Cokes consumed: 2
Things of interest seen while on the road: 0
Bugs collected on windshield: Uncountable
Pairs of cowboy boots bought in El Paso: 1
Sinking feelings when pulled over doing 84 in a 75 mph zone: 1
Warnings issued by young, cowboy hat-wearing trooper for going 84 in a 75 mph zone: 1
Average speed after warning issued: 74 mph
Actual name of the town I ended up in: Ozona
Distance to next town, Sonora, with more facilities: 35 miles
Reason for stopping: American Idol


Anonymous said...

Therre can't be a whole lot of Ozona. I looked up Ozona, Texas on Yahoo Maps. It disappeared by the time I zoomed out to the 100 km/inch scale. I was trying to get some context, but all I got was more yellow open land bisected by the red thread of I-10.

Daisy Bateman said...

Ozona seems to consist largely of a Holiday Inn, a Dairy Queen and an out-of-business Burger King. I think Yahoo may have this one right.